LABIDCO’s procurement process is managed by its sister company, National Energy.

To Prequalify with LABIDCO:

1. Email and Within the body of this e-mail, include the following information:

  1. Your intention to prequalify with LABIDCO
  2. Company Name - Name of Primary Contact
  3. Designation of Primary Contact
  4. Contact Number
  5. Email Address

2. Upon receipt of your company’s information, you will receive a website link via email from National Energy to facilitate mandatory registration with Ariba.

Companies already registered on Ariba with the NGC Group are required to:

  1. E-mail their intention to pre-qualify with LABIDCO for stated service
  2. Confirm primary e-mail address and state they have already undergone the registration process

3. A link to access and complete the prequalification questionnaire (“PQQ”) will be sent after your company successfully registers on Ariba.

4. For local businesses/companies the administrative fee of the PQQ is TT$200 which should be paid to La Brea Industrial Development Company Limited at any First Citizen’s Bank (FC). LABIDCO's Account is 979861. The receipt is required for section 3.1 of the PQQ.

5. For International Companies the administrative fee of the PQQ is US$30. Wire Transfer information is as follows:

  • Bank : Wells Fargo Bank N.A.
  • Bank Address : International Operations, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101-3866, U.S.A.
  • ABA No. : 026005092
  • Swift Code : PNBPUS33PHL
  • For the Account of : First Citizens Bank Limited
  • Swift Code : FCTTTTPS
  • Beneficiary : La Brea Industrial Development Company Limited
  • Beneficiary Address : Administration Building, Estate Corridor Road Extension, Brighton Port, Material Storage & Handling Facility, La Brea
  • Account No. : 1293477


All wire transfer charges are to be borne by the sender .